Back To Campus: Be Confident With These Affordable Pieces

The fact that everyone is returning to campus makes us aware of how difficult it can be to decide what to wear each day, especially when the seasons change from one semester to the next. Sure, the air still has the summer hue but not long after this, you will be facing the cold breeze of winter.

But, we cannot turn a blind eye over the fact that being a student means sacrificing most of yourself, including financially. You might be trying to cut back a little on clothing because there are so many other things you can buy with your money, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style!

The most appropriate characteristic for college is comfort. Aim to set your zone first at all times. Stock up on clothing like denim and utility jackets as well as jeans, t-shirts, button-down shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel. Also, remember to accessorize your college look with chic sneakers and big handbags or backpacks that can hold all of your everyday necessities.


With that laid down, we have compiled affordable options for your chic, sustainable college journey. Check it out!


Dani Set 

As a student, you must be really familiar with the term ‘Buy 1, Get 1’. Well, in this case, the Dani Set consists of a long sleeved crop top and a flowy skirt. You can wear it with each other or give the other pieces from your closet a chance to shine in a new way.


Ava High Waisted Pants 

Not only in our student life, sensible pants are a must have every day. But the problem is that, though there are hundreds of options, we cannot seem to find a formal yet fashionable one. Introducing you: Ava High Waisted Pants! It being high waisted is already great, plus, it has a tie-on strap for a tad more of class.


Lara Vest in White

Minimally tailored, our Lara Vest will surely comply with your dress code. It is made of a lightweight material, namely linen, so you wouldn’t have to worry about feeling too stuffed while layering. Most of all, it is cost-friendly and can be used repeatedly!


We cannot wait to see you rock this semester!