Be Effortlessly Chic This Summer–TENCEL™ Edition

Everyone has a goal in common each summer: to show off the fashion attached to their bodies. It also becomes one of the reasons why summer is the long-awaited season every year. We can conclude that summer closely relates to fashion, something we all enjoy.

We all reminisce about how we used to dress. You might chuckle when thinking about your teenage years wearing cute floral dresses and overalls or how your mom used to pair your outfits with bright pastel layers. But now that we’ve grown up, some of us may stick with the old fun style, but if you want something snazzier, this article might help you for a lifetime.

Chic–a way to statement a certain look, which most definitely is elegance and simplicity, a craze we all adore in this full-of-trend modern fashion world. Celebrities, influencers, and especially supermodels have been the current pattern to everybody joining the vogue rage. And these days, many have been seen carrying the chic look, especially this summer.

The easiest thing to do when executing the effortlessly chic look is to choose the palette of your clothing. Go for more basic colors like monochrome or any other neutral color. The key to looking chic is the balance of mixing and matching items without looking too much. It also includes binding formal with informal or trendy with classic to produce a balanced style but still in vogue.

Talking about following the chic fashion trend, why not support fabrics that are sustainable and eco-conscious at the same time? Eco-friendly stuff is also a trend nowadays, as people begin to learn how important it is to maintain a green environment. Our best eco-conscious and ethical wearing you deserve to have is the TENCEL™ collection. 

The TENCEL™ fabric is light and versatile, used in everything from casual wear to underwear to activewear, and chic wear is no exception. Our Thea Top and Skirt are the best go-to options! The skirt highlights the waist and the midriff, while the top exists to perfect the whole look. Alongside being a statement of your easy chic look, the pair also brings you comfort while wearing it. What a combo!

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