Cozy, Ethical Wear To Stay Laid Back At Home

We live in a world where we encounter many chaotic events every single day. Traffic, an exhausting day at work, or any life obstacles make us feel like there is no safe space. But home is what we call our shelter, our hideaway. It should be a place where we go to rest and have a wave of peace of mind–thus affecting our bodies.

Going home is the exact moment to remove all the stress and burdens. Just like the great TV personality, Kim Kardashian and her minimal cream house. As she stated for Vogue, “I find that there’s so much chaos out in the world, that when I come home, I want it to be just really quiet and I want everything to feel calming.”

Your days at home have to have such comfort too! Many likes to do routines that inspire themselves. Productive activities like cooking, reading, or even cleaning make people have a more relaxed piece of mind. Even so, doing nothing or just chilling on the sofa also works. But you do you! Make the most of your leisure time to unwind for a while in these ethical, cozy attires.

Your calming days are present with this laid-back look, with the stunning Lora Slip Dress in the frame. With minimalistic and effortless as its purpose, this dress suits you well to hang around at home. Imagine you slipping on this dress after a relaxing warm bath–a well-deserved quality time after a long day. Now what’s left is to light up the candles for a brief reading session!

Home sweet home! The minute you open the door, the strong urge to just snug into the cozy Caro Knit Pants has come. Autumn arrives soon, and as the temperatures gradually decrease, all you need is just a warm cup of coffee and these pants to enjoy your “Me Time”.

What comes to your imagination, as you look at our most comfortable knitwear, the Kai Sweater that wins the season? You can do everything as you please in this trendy knit sweater! The cross detailing, along with the off-shoulder mode helps express your sense of style even at home. A friendly suggestion: binge-watching with an ice cream tub in this warm top?

Ready for a pleasant rest at home? We have a strong faith in making your days better with our ethical, sustainable clothing. Put them in your cart now to find out why!

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