How To Highlight Your Best Features Through Body Types

Many people suffer with body image issues, but with a few straightforward fashion suggestions, you may learn to accept yourself just as you are. Whether you want to draw attention to or cover certain features of your appearance and always present the best, stay reading for some useful tips and outfit recommendations.

There are countless methods to dress oneself in order to draw attention to your greatest physique features and hide your concerns. Whether you have a pear, hourglass rectangle, or an apple-shaped form, some outfits will appear like they were fashioned just for you!

Essential Wardrobe says…


A broader lower body might be balanced off by layering your top half. Use darker pants with straight or flared shapes to draw attention to your waistline. Choose dresses and skirts with an A-line shape that end just above your knees, and wear bold designs.


You can wear peplum tops, wrap blouses and practically any style of dress you want. You can show off your shape and accentuate your waist that way. Stay away from boxy cuts and oversized items, tho.


Choose halter-neck or strapless shirts, or go with darker 3/4-length sleeves. Consider wearing a-line skirts and dresses to accentuate an hourglass-like figure. In general, stay away from big shirts, coats, and jumpers.


Using clothing that lengthens the torso is vital since this form has a bigger waist, hips, stomach, and breast. Don't wear something too tight like a crop top! Coats, jackets, and vests that extend above your knees are an option for covering up.


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