Intimate Apparel As A Sustainable Fashion Craze–A Trend Of Allure

Sustainable fashion is firing up and the most intriguing fact ever is how this eco-conscious lifestyle is embracing a wide range of variety in the fashion world. People are starting to care a lot more about how important it is to change fast fashion behavior to a better purchase habit–other than just appreciating the encouragement of eco-friendly grocery bags.

That wide range of variety also includes the captivating side of women’s world: intimates clothing. For the past years, fashion designers have been mingling all elements of garments and turning them into a fabulous trend. Like how they create a thing by putting innerwear under a see-through dress and calling it a Met Gala after-party outfit!

Ethically, we are glad that the sustainable trend also comes in the shape of intimate clothing as well. However, sustainable intimate clothing also faced an obstacle–when innerwear brands still focus on diversity, such as a wider range of sizes. Sustainability wasn’t really their first concern. But things start to evolve when the first zero-waste bra was born into the fashion society. More brands are becoming more aware of the urgency of sustainable clothing materials, especially in the innerwear sector. A wider range of eco-friendly materials is expanded, like organic cotton, TENCEL™ fibers, and natural rubbers.

Fashionable underwear deserved its fame worldwide since this outfit is giving more chances for body positivity, brings confidence to the wearer, and is taking a part in introducing the new era to the world. You definitely have to join this craze as well! Here are a few ideas for you!

Slip Dress

Featuring : Lora Slip Dress

Slip dresses start out as sleepwear, but now people wear them to a wedding, or even during office hours! You can rock this look with an addition of blazers or trendy sweaters, but a slip dress itself would work just fine!

Lace On Top

Don’t keep your lingerie just for the house! Flaunt them in a creative way–pin them on top of your shirt. Go semi-casual with denim or any other bottoms you have in mind, like how Kendall Jenner actually rocks this look in a stunning way!

Bikini-like Tops

Feautring : Dalila Top

Bikinis aren’t forever sexy. They can be cute, too! Transform your bikini into an adorable top and pair it with denim, mini or midi skirts, and culottes. This look also works during cold seasons like fall, just put on your fur coat and you’re all set!

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