Make A Fresh Start–Upgrade Your Closet!

Restoring energy can be done by replacing old things that saturate the whole atmosphere. The last sight of the old stuff will make your smile pops up, and soon will be changed by the sensation of bringing the new items for the first time into their new home. Your wardrobe has got the same needs! 

This summer will be a chance for you to bring in new essentials, fashion-wise. In the process of letting go of what's in the past, let us assist you in choosing new pieces for your closet, starting from tops to pants.


1.Adel Top in White

Our knitted short sleeved top is a must-have for a fresh start. From casual working hours to a romantic holiday dinner, this top is perfect for any occasion and will always be ready standing by in your closet.


2.Bastina Crop Top

Crop top will forever be the essential we’d look for when rummaging through our closet. Note down that our designers take cropped tops to the next level, because, look how puffy those sleeves are! This adorable detail will give you maximum effect while still being comfortable.


3.Gaia Shirt in White

There is no better idea other than a shirt that can function as well as an outer. Our Gaia Shirt in White will be best put on your body on casual days, or a laid-back sunbathing days at the beach. 


4.Thea Top

Still about summer, we tend to wear revealing clothes, something that sparks more about ourselves. This Thea Top gives you a elegant look, but not too far away from being alluring. Its subtle color will absolutely highlight your skin tone, one of the elements of being you.


5.Dita Crochet

It is safe to say that crochet has been a desirable item for the past few years, and our Dita Crochet is one of our must-have fits this summer! Inspired by the local weaving techniques in Bali, this handmade crochet will be more than good to pair with any bottoms you own in your wardrobe.


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