Mentally And Literally Dressing Up For A New Semester

The even semester for high school and college is right in front of our eyes. As time flies, the expectation and materials come out even harder. Now, one thing you should remember is that being ready takes way more than stationeries and essential aesthetics. Trademarking motivation as a drive for your studies is absolutely genius; but what holds the most power is your mind. Remember, this applies to all instances in life, whether you’re a student or full-time worker.


Creating the perfect mentality for your school year

I can do it. I will be able to do it.

Affirmation words are portrayed as overrated these days, but the effectiveness of this method is uncanny. Making yourself believe that no storm could ever shake you up from achieving your goals is what matters the most.

Learning how to prioritise

Classes. Deadlines.

The horror of not being able to make time for everything – much less for your own self – is what usually drives willpower away. Try to make an interchangeable list for whatever has the closest due date or heaviest requirements.


Moving on, the great thing about this is that winter is finally over; and the unproductive, cold days wouldn’t be a bother now! But, cordially approaching summer, an outfit hazard must be coming your way. After all this time that the pandemic has limited our movements – and suddenly, we are expected to dress up decently and stand being out of bed for hours.

To make your journey easier, we have put together a series of outfits appropriate for everyday classes. Check it out!

  1.   Kai Set

This set features a warm cardigan and basic long dress with a cute brown shade. Not only is this outfit warm and trendy, it totally complies with the dress code.

  1.   Ava High Waisted Pants

High-waisted bottoms are a necessity these days. They go with everything and are the perfect complementary item to shorter tops you’d like to rock to campus.

  1.   Lara Vest

To complete your look, here’s the ultimate statement item: vests. By adding these over your basic t-shirts, you’re going to look more presentable and business-like – not too heavy, of course.

We hope that our pep talk could help you in building your confidence in handling the upcoming semester. Plan for rapid weather changes by carrying a cute umbrella and back up outfits, and you can ensure you’re always dressed for comfort without sacrificing your personal style!


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