Nude Shades For Diverse Skin Tones, Wanna Know More?

People say that when it comes to the colour nude, the main goal is to make your skin look flatteringly similar to the attire you’re flaunting. An unpopular fact nowadays is that nude is the colour to choose if you want one that never goes out of style. Your skin tone will appear purer and less washed out even when you combine it alongside a different hue.

One side of the debate contends that nudes should match the colour of your fingertips while the other asserts that it should be a shade darker or lighter than your skin tone. According to Digits & Spike, what we do know is that it could be either way, and there are no rules when it comes to what you want to wear on your fingertips. 

The fact is, nude is a concept, not merely shades listed in a catalogue. And so, we've compiled a list of ways and recommendations as to how these colours can be used to enhance your wardrobe, your appearance, and your skin tone!

All-in-one: Lara Skirt in Nude

We will start with the most best-selling skirts that compliments any outfit and skin tones! This skirt, with a pretty slit below, gives you a fresh and elegant look. Also available in White, test out your limitless creativity by pairing it with a ruffled crop top or bodysuit.

Light to medium: Kai Sweater in Beige

A knitted fit can never go wrong, especially if it takes the form of a sweater. For lighter skin tones with cool undertones, along with soft colours, silver jewellery suits you very well. Don't forget to always incorporate pretty ensembles to give a focus point in pulling together your fit,

Medium to deep: Thea Top

A gorgeous shade of rose is portrayed in this set supported by TENCEL ™, a biodegradable material that not only makes you feel good; but do good.. Bright pinky nudes will look fantastic on someone with blue-green undertones.


Have you gotten the hunch? Nude colour scheme's versatility and simplicity make it simple to dress up your outfits for both formal occasions and everyday wear, whatever your skin tone might be. Scroll through our products with tons of choices and promotions in line!

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