Outfits For Your Dorm Life: No Overloads Or Boredom

It's time when college is finally commencing, which means that a ton of incoming freshmen or returning pandemic students are pondering what on earth to pack as they stare at their wardrobes around the nation. This is a completely normal phase, so don’t worry about it and start checking out a few articles to help you; especially in the fashion region, like ours right now.

College is identical with freedom as it differs from how uniforms work at high school. This might be a good, but confusing stage at the same time. Especially after moving out so suddenly from home, it can be stressful. In that case, we’ll carefully guide you through the basics.

Always keep in mind that when living in a dorm or apartment — whether you're starting your first year of college or your last — that less is more. Other than fulfilling your wardrobe dreams you often spot on Pinterest, there are tons of different utilities that might take days to collect. So, in the meantime, stick with the basics and wiggle your way through it. This basically means that living independently grants you a free ticket to sustainability town, just as listed below:

A T-shirt is the easiest outfit to ever exist, and we should take advantage of it. You can use it as it is, make it an outer, tie it round your waist, and much more! It could last you every week or look for the rest of your semester. Gaia Shirt in Beige is the perfect pick.

Stores in warm climates don't carry the types of clothing needed in cool temperatures, and the opposite is also true. Plan to go shopping when you get to your college town if you require seasonal attire such as winter coats, boots, or even your basic jackets.

Speaking of jackets, never think about bringing anything too heavy: too many jeans, for example. It is better to fit as much of your main needs into your suitcase. With this point ahead, we want to assure you that it’s completely okay not to bring everything. Don’t feel bad that a shirt was your first high school purchase, because you can always come back home to these magics. The main point is for you to live as efficiently as possible up until graduation.

If you're unsure, put each item of clothes on. Wearing this, do you feel content, at ease, or beautiful? Don't bring anything that fits poorly, or that you hope will fit. Don't forget to bring outfits that look wonderful on you but you've been too scared to wear before. Try and find something that can be put up for more than five uses. If you so choose, this is your chance to reinvent yourself through style!

Though overwhelming, we’re sure you’ll do fine. Check out our catalogue and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter as you’ll get $15 off your first purchase. Student-pocket-friendly, eh?

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