Plant-Derived Clothing Pieces For World Vegetarian Day

Only nowadays people start noticing how much important to not ‘steal’ too much from our mother nature. Many approaches have been done to create a better world in the future, fashion-wise or not. October 1st is the day to celebrate one of the approaches–World Vegetarian Day.

Preserving the Earth is one of the reasons why people get into the world of vegetarianism. It becomes a lifestyle that many choose because of its beneficial outcomes. Vegetarian diets have reduced the risk of major killers such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer for the body. While for nature itself, this lifestyle has significant values: preserving irreplaceable ecosystems like rainforests and other wildlife habitats and conserving freshwater and other natural resources.

In frame: Alba Top and Alba Pants

Not everybody has the privilege to dive deeper into the vegetarian world but who said that you can’t participate? Do you know that fashion is now becoming one of the polluting industries in the world? Fast fashion is one to blame. Just like vegetarian diets influence the sustainability of nature, ‘fashion diets’ also become important to practice in favor of supporting slow fashion.

These ‘fashion diets’ include using more biodegradable products, plant-based clothing, and choosing no more massive produced clothing–basically buying organic clothing. As a brand that promotes sustainability, we keep our principle consistent to be ethical. And to provide this significant need, we choose TENCEL™️ to be one of the sustainable materials for our items.

In frame: Thea Top and Thea Skirt

What’s a better, greater option than a comfortable yet high-quality material to use in our everyday outfits? TENCEL™ is the answer. With high durability as one of the features, this exceptional material has become versatile for any clothing type. It has the potential to be the most reliable material to use in the slow fashion industry. In production, TENCEL™ requires less energy and water and is also biodegradable.

Now is the time for you to discover more and participate in preserving the Earth by choosing our ethical products. Check out the TENCEL™ collection on our website and add some to your cart! Every purchase means helping to donate two mangrove trees to be planted in a conservative location in Benoa Bay, Bali. Don't miss this great opportunity to give back to nature!

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