Regencycore Explained: A Fashion Theme Inspired By Bridgerton

Despite the fact that Season 2 of the popular Netflix series Bridgerton was released a few months ago, its impact on fashion is still felt today. Empire waist skirts, opera gloves, and even corset tops making its comeback have become wardrobe essentials because of its dramatized, fantastical depiction of Regency Era living.

Thus, Regencycore. Though it has been around for so long, that being the 1800s, we can’t deny the humongous power that television, though in Netflix from now, carries. Nowadays, dressing vintage is an overflowing trend that floods people with memory. It brings joy, and we couldn’t support it more! But, what outfits can exactly be classified into the Regencycore concept?

"Dresses with layered fabric tiers offer up a flowy and elegant touch that contributes to the regency-era style, and bows will also be key," Garrett says, quoted from Instyle. "Added details, embroidery, and structured lace are other touches you can add to your wardrobe to complete the whole look."

Some people might find it amusing, while some prefer to stay out of it. This is because of the misconception that you need to look like you’re “from the 70’s” to be able to rock Regencycore. But, the truth is that everyone can be like the casts of Bridgerton by simply adding details and catching concepts to translate it to your personal style!

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