Simple, Yet Breath-Taking, Semi-Formal Looks

It can be hard to nail the right business outfit into the heat of the transitional season. Though difficult, it is not entirely impossible. The choices are large, but picking the right ones for every single event is the main issue. But, worry not. All you need to do is a little brainstorming to turn the versatility into a more put-together look.

Whether you need to dress professionally or casually, trying to match your style to the unpredictable mood swings of the weather can leave you feeling frustrated. Learning to transition your wardrobe when seasons are slow to change is essential.


With a button-up shirt you can’t go wrong when working. They not only look smart and competent, they also come in a range of fabrics and shades, making them perfect for all business opportunities. Our Gaia Shirt perfectly complements this description. With it being linen, you might think of it as too informal. But, the sewing details – if paired with great bottoms – will shine right through.



Choosing the right skirt for these sorts of gatherings might be difficult. Ideally, it should end below your knee. Make sure it is not too tight and comfortable to walk or sit in. On that note, we present to you the Lara Skirt. Casual yet elegant, this skirt is perfect for formal events where you have a bit of freedom. Additional information: it is eco-consciously manufactured!



Honestly speaking, why go through tons of time just for the sake of pairing up tops and bottoms when you can simply wear sets? The Femi Set is a modern outfit with noticeable threading lines that accentuates your body. This can further be coupled with a slim suit underneath or a light blazer on top. Not only will it make you look smart and competent, it’s full of style too.


If you’re all set with the basics, pump it up with some wedges and hoop earrings. There you have it, pairs that will last a lifetime of business opportunities!

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