Slayed All Her Looks, This Is How Kylie Jenner Influenced The Fashion World

If we talk about one of the most captivating women on earth, it must be none other than the one and only Kylie Jenner. This powerful mama is killing it in all of her looks–and one thing for sure is all the fashionistas are looking up to her. The younger Jenner does not exactly have a supermodel body as her sister does, but her curves are what every woman dreams of. She also becomes the inspiring young billionaire we all aspire to be.

Though she does not pursue modeling as a career option, we all know she has a knack for drawing attention to herself in the fashion industry. She, along with her Jenner sisters, has been taking the fashion world by storm with their several creations of trend. Remember when the Jenner sisters dressed up for the 2019 Met Gala, literally iconic!

Her Instagram feeds should be on the list of the most-awaited posts of all time. This is one of her ways of showing off her crazy good sense of style–with her skillful Instagram selfies! Take a look at her powerful pose in this one. Giving the smokey vibes out of this one, her crochet top is what we’d want to focus on. She makes it feel assuring to wear such a summer piece in colder weather, along with a fierce pair of leather jackets and pants.

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This time, Kylie is taking summer to the next level with this one. Her green knit dress screams sultry and comfort in such a way! But, great news: this piece is also wearable in other lovely weather like fall. Just a warm wool sweatshirt or an adorable turtleneck sweater to pair and you’re set to go!

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Kylie’s summer outfits are timeless–and this outfit in one of her appearances is fire. The bikini-like top being the most obvious detail in the entire look is getting along just fine with the rest of her dress cutting. We’re totally not over this look.

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