Staycations Never Sound More Exciting With These Ethical Resort Wear

Now that the nine-to-five is back to the routine, it’s getting quite hard to find the time for a quality-time vacation. Planning a holiday–such as looking for a place to stay, eat, and more destinations to go–takes a lot of energy. People spend less time on grand vacations nowadays and prefer just to stay and relax at home. But that sounds not enough for a ‘healing.’

A staycation is a very good idea for a short-term break. Staying in a nice hotel, getting pampered at the spa, and enjoying some quality time at the pool sounds like a nice plan. The point of a staycation is having less to worry about on your holiday, so don’t stress too much about what you have to wear.

In a holiday mood, the right attire will keep you happy. Resort wear is the ultimate choice to decide your wardrobe theme. When you go to a resort and have the best staycation, all you need are a pair of sets, flowy midi or mini dresses, sandals, and some accessories. These are some pieces you can consider putting in your packing:

1. Bastina Crop Top

This crop top is a perfect significant other to any of your bottoms. A day at the beach never feels more chic when you have this top on your body.

2. Rumi Set

One of our gorgeous sets comes in a sleeveless ruched crop top and a midi skirt to top off the resort look. The hot summer days can never ruin your way of staying fabulous. You go, girl!

3. Gala Dress

Oh, how we never get tired to show you this wholesome dress! Imagine putting on this stunning evening wear to a romantic dinner. How lovely! Candlelight, flower petals, all but this dress? That’s a no-no.

4. Gemma Jumpsuit

Comfortness brought along with chic. Our jumpsuit defines one thing: elegance. This effortless look is perfect for a shopping and culinary kind of day.

5. Ines Midi Dress

A flawless breezy summer dress? Yes. This most-wanted dress has become your must-have item in your luggage. Another perfect evening wear for a romantic dinner, but the choice is all yours.