Styling The Timeless Midi Skirt for Every Woman's Wardrobe

The 1940s, a decade known for its grace and elegance in fashion, are when midi skirts first became popular. The more daring and avant-garde mini skirt took the place of the midi by the 1960s. Women felt constrained by the past of fashion and yearned to show off their legs in this short style. After that, a publisher declared 1970 to be the year of the midi. In other words, the public was outraged and unfavorable (Source: BambooBlonde).

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Thankfully, in today's world, fashion designers have given this trend new life by emphasizing its feminine qualities and adaptability to a variety of body types with a variety of fabrics and models. The skirt is still widely used, and there are now more options for styling it. In today’s topic, we will summarize the paths you can take for styling midi skirts into a modern epicness!

Volumize? Minimize!

Defined waist makes the volume work, so it's best to avoid wearing anything that can be described as "slouchy" or "oversized". You cannot wear volume on the top and the bottom at the same time! Try bodysuits, elegant blouses, and bralettes.

Crop top in action

Because midi skirts accentuates your waist, we agree when Wikihow stated that a crop top is a great option to pair with a midi skirt. You can don a crop top with long sleeves, cap sleeves, or no sleeves. This outfit works for a daytime or evening outing.

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Choosing the right shoes

There are two options: heels and flats. Some might disagree with the thought of flats paired with midi skirts as it might create a shorter leg illusion. You should still be able to wear flats with your skirt as long as it isn't excessively long. If you’d like an unconventional style: ankle boots and bare legs is a very trendy look.

Lastly, statements!

Forever Amber says, which we absolutely agree on, to opt for: (1)  Extremely long coats that completely conceal the skirt, or (2) Jackets that are so short they expose the majority of the skirt. Finish off with your favorite belt, add versatile jewels such as dangly earrings and simple long necklaces, and you’re perfect to go!

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