Sustainable Fashion Tips For Beginners: Teenage Girls Edition

Trends have a big impact on how we shop and what we wear in a world where social media and influencers are becoming more and more popular. Teenagers and young adults are especially vulnerable to responding to the most recent fad.

Sometimes, we don't feel much trouble finding their newest wardrobe item because of course, it's exciting to stay on top of fashion trends. And as long as it meets the requirements of looking good and fitting along with affordability, nothing even vaguely troubling enters your mind when purchasing such clothes. But this is the most crucial entree — ethical.

Surely, as a teenager, it might be difficult to contribute towards the sustainable fashion empire with its prices if we look at the difference it carries between fast fashion. But still, if there is a will, you have a way!

  1. Start at home – Raid your closet and you will definitely find old clothing you loved but never had the chance to rock. The act of re-wearing, like what we in PRLA promote, counts!
  2. Thrift away – Go to your local thrift store or find a web alternative. There are dozens of high quality, yet affordable clothing you can get with just a few dollars.
  3. Use eco-friendly detergent – The act of going ethical doesn’t only mean in what you wear, but also what choices you make in protecting the environment.
  4. Go zero-waste – Use healthy alternatives, bring your own water bottle and lunch box, use canvas bags, you name it. Not only does it look good, but it feels good too!
  5. Every step counts – You are young. If you’ve read this far, we thank you for your initiative in saving the planet. Every little contribution made will count!

Happy turning into a sustainable warrior, girls!