Sustainably Dressing Up For A Party

You are invited to a party. You might be facing the good old dilemma considering what to pick, what to wear. For one, the awkward fashion phase that we’re all going through post-pandemic has made it even harder to keep track of current trends.

Well, let us introduce you to a highly coherent way of living. Sustainable fashion has been skyrocketing these past few years. Loyalty and ethics is exactly the quality you should search for in a clothing item that would definitely last you a lifetime.

If you are in need of some sustainable party outfit inspiration to wear for day to night, say no more. Check out our selects along with some styling tips below.

Should you need a courteous accent to liven up your vibes, then the Lara Skirt might be your best option. Produced in White and Nude, made in a zero waste working environment, it is a definite sanguine packed in a series of buttons. The confident high slit up front is the best way to build your label as a confident paramour.

To get the best out of this skirt, consider:

  1. Pairing it with a ruffled long-sleeved top or a bodycon knitted wear.
  2. Not much jewellery should be added, as the button accents seals the deal.
  3. Finishing it up with your best pair of daring pumps to highlight the look.

One and for all, the perfect pair of outfit award goes to… Ines Midi Dress! Suitable as a summer or resort wear, the journey that it could lead us to leaves wonders. If you need a quick change without having to rummage through your entire wardrobe, a sensible dress screams the answer. The cut out detailing up front shows an image of class and a hint of freedom.

A few styling tips to help you complete this look:

  1. Layering the insides with turtlenecks to help you get through this cold season.
  2. Putting your hair up in a bun or ponytail-braids.
  3. To accentuate the concept, pair it up with hoop earrings and high heels.

The best way to pull off a party look is enjoying yourself, so don’t forget to stay happy and have loads of fun!

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