The MBTI Test Results As Sustainable Outfits

You must be familiar with these four-lettered words people often refer to themselves as. INFJ, ENTJ, and more, so check out what MBTI is and what we think some of them would wear!

A self-report questionnaire called the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is used to determine a person's personality type, strengths, and preferences. Based on their research into Carl Jung's idea, Isabel Myers and her mother Katherine Briggs created the series of questions. One of the most frequently utilised psychological tests in use today is the MBTI inventory.

We all know that in fashion, an individual’s personality can be generalised as their style trait as well. You’ve got chic, city, girly, and a lot more. So, we figured, why not do MBTI as well? After all, a lot of our life’s small talk up to huge decisions are based on it.


According to the kind explanation by Truity, check out four of the most popular MBTI types as sustainable outfits!



INFPs are creative, independent types who frequently adhere to their own personal style guidelines. They generally don't pass judgement on fashion and think that everyone has the right to dress however they like. INFPs allow their creative side to take the lead as a means of self-expression.

Outfit: Lara Skirt in Nude 


ESFJs, one of the personality types that strive to please others, are aware of how others see them. They also spend a lot of time and effort serving others, therefore their clothes are usually functional. They frequently choose sophisticated, practical outfits.

Outfit: Bastina Crop Top 



For an INTJ, the focus is on the work to achieve their goals and their inherent thirst for knowledge rather than the apparel they are wearing. The INTJ style is straightforward and functional, but you'll never see one of them looking unkempt. Simply put, neatly organised, and with a purpose.

Outfit: Ava Crop Top



ENTPs aren't scared to have fun with their outfits because they are one of the most unconventional personality types. They are self-assured and flexible, eager to reject strict standards, and constantly prepared to dive into new endeavours. They tend to value inventiveness in their fashion.

Outfit: Thea Top 

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