What And How To Learn From Past Fashion Modes

History is the beginning and ending; it is a process of evolving from or back. From it, we can learn about how the world works its way around people. Attempting to understand the whole spectrum might take centuries, but having the common knowledge could make you go far. That brings us to how fashion is a huge part of history, as it is a massive medium of expressing one’s identity.

As Business of Fashion would say it, “The liberation of women from corseted confinement, the creation of ready-to-wear clothing, logos, licensing, window displays, lifestyle brands, fashion shows, marketing and even protection of intellectual property rights, are each a direct result of the ingenuity, bravery and creative genius of individuals who were in their lifetimes stylistic and societal visionaries.”

A lot of notable brands have already gone a long way ever since time could remember. From the early 1800s up to the Rebellion era, trends were starting to take place. Brighter colors, daring patterns and lengths, and more. A woman's identity was often judged from how they dressed and looked from head to toe. Beauty standards were incredibly expensive back then, as there was a scarcity of brands that offered quality clothing. From there, a set rule is made – history repeats itself.

Ruffles were popular in the 1900s, and became less known in the early 2000s. But then, it has been starting to lift back up these past few years. What’s the lesson? There’s only so much you could do with a piece of fabric, and it creates a cycle. What our generation’s not familiar with, we call it new. What we’ve had enough with, the upcoming generation will think of it as new.

So, what you should learn from past fashion models is to preserve. Hopping onto a trend is perfectly acceptable, because who doesn’t like their occasional treat? But, what you do after matters the most. Sustainability is a newfound rocket in this industry, and you could start your journey of making impeccable decisions by opting for a lifelong outfit style or even decomposable linens, like the ones we dearly aim at PRLA. 

Clothes have meanings, so do your best to make every penny count. Who knows? Instead of getting rid of your old clothes, you could save it for your daughter and her daughter later on.

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