An Act For A Better Environment–Be A Part Of It!

Protecting our earth will always be our responsibility. As a brand, we strive to inspire people to gain more interest in an eco-conscious lifestyle through our sustainable clothing; and nothing is stopping us from keep doing that. 

Our ethical wear represents our support for protecting nature. We ensure that our priority is always aiming for more eco-friendly and comfortable garments. Besides that, we’re also making another attempt to get involved in maintaining a sustainable environment for a better future. 

We are collaborating with LindungiHutan to make a special campaign this month: ‘PRLA Gives Back’, which means with every purchase of our product, we will donate two mangrove trees to plant in a conservative location in Benoa Bay, Bali. We are more than honored to see you joining this campaign as well. But first, let’s find out further about this greening campaign.


Mangrove restoration is significant in rebuilding a valuable ecosystem and providing a sustainable income for local communities. This is why we choose LindungiHutan as a partner to help protect the forest. It is also our chance to raise awareness on this matter and give much exposure to it. After all, we are an ethical brand too.


Our product itself is a campaign for an eco-conscious fashion world. Our most-picked pieces come from the TENCEL™ fabric, a comfortable and biodegradable material. Most of our pieces come from sustainable fabrics too, like linen and cotton yarn. The aim isn’t only for comfort and sustainability, but also to keep you in style. Check out our must-have items and have timeless, ethical wearing as your best friend for a lifetime! 

A friendly reminder, this special campaign ends in a week. But you still have the chance to be a part of this powerful movement for a better environment. What could be more valuable than buying and donating in one package? Check out your cart now!