August Fashion Trends Inspired By Influential Celebrities

Once upon a time, it seemed as though the uncomfortably hot temperatures might last forever, but happily, as August approaches, the outlook is beginning to seem a little more tolerable. This means that for the duration of the summer, we can abandon the baggy dress rule and adopt more fashionable looks.

August is a time for rejuvenating and taking advantage of the remaining summertime activities. We are looking forward to going out accompanied by the plethora of new fashion collections that will keep you occupied during the dreary and make everyday count. Refinery29 says that if you’re heading away on holiday this August, there are plenty of trends to take note of including chic and structured waistcoats, brightly coloured jewels and, of course, Barbiecore.


To do that, let us introduce you to the newly found (or old-ly adopted) fashion trends seen in the accounts of celebrities!


Featured: Lara Skirt in White 

An easy summer dress is a must during the warmer months, and a celebrity favorite over the past few months has been the clean, bodycon silhouette, Vogue says. It has been spotted on Jennifer Lawrence and Emily Ratajkowski.


Featured: Maya Tied Midi Skirt 

Skirts are progressively becoming a unisex garment as fashion becomes more genderless (which is long overdue). Conan Gray, Brad Pitt, and A$AP Rocky all wore skirts this summer. Anyone can pair it with a basic sleeveless tee or a long-sleeved bodycon for a bright look.


Featured: Gala Dress

Alicia Lansom once featured in her article that she looks for a chic, beautiful quality in a dress for a low-key wedding, and that she’s not into florals or fussy prints. Well, so do most people! The Gala Dress is the simple set with a daring cut out that gives it a bit of an edge.

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