Apply Dopamine-Dressing To Increase Your Mood Any Hour

Many of the daily joy-inducing activities were either out of reach or put on hold during this fuzzy and long pandemic state. Fortunately, we do have some influence over at least one factor that many people associate with happiness: our attire. Style magazines anticipate that "dopamine dressing," which is dressing in a way that makes you happy and improves your mood, will be the trend of 2022.

According to verywellmind, this has rekindled interest in the relationship between our clothes and our mental states. Wearing clothing you love will improve your mood, according to the theory behind dopamine dressing. Now, although studies have not conclusively shown that wearing a particular sort of clothes causes everyone to produce dopamine, experts believe it has some validity.

The Founder of Fashion is Psychology states in Harper’s Bazaar that, There are several universal ways that colours can be interpreted. Happiness is too subjective an experience to be reduced to a single colour, yet cool colours like blue inspire emotions of creativity and tranquillity, while warm colours like red can elicit feelings of enthusiasm.”
Exactly, it all comes back to our perspective.

‘However, there is no one-size-fits-all dopamine dressing. Karen makes it clear that while she tends to favour bold monochromatics, leopard prints, and purples, various people's reactions to these elements will vary.

Her advice for starting your own dopamine clothing experiment was to "remember your childhood." Once you can recall a time when you were at your happiest, look through your closet for an outfit that would capture that experience.’

To achieve this freedom, you need to understand how you feel first. What makes your shiver stand? What pair of boots excite you the most? How would you want to wear a shirt; tucked or baggy? These little factors actually make up so much of our mind that it is crucial to understand yourself in order to gain a bit more fulfilment. You can also consider scrolling through Instagram for more inspirations to look up to.

Now, here comes the amazing part! Pick out and sort the insides of your closet, because at the end, you already have the clothes that make you happiest! Only after that you’d be able to search for new alternatives to take sustainability into account. Remember, choose what you can wear several times, because not only does dopamine dressing affect your mental state, it saves the environment as well.

Are you already a dopamine dresser? Join this movement now!

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