K-Sneakers Are Back In: Pair It With Our Casual Linen Wear Line-Up

The wave of music is something that resonates through and back in this universe. We catch melodies, mood, and most importantly – fashion. Influence comes from influencers, and we are sure that most of you have a style icon you look up to! The concept of ‘a trend a week’ is what makes people constantly seek for something new when in reality, you could just switch your sneakers!

A massive wave of sneaker shoes have been brought back through a few celebrity brand deals and ITZY’s latest single – you guessed it, Sneakers. This fact has led people to rediscover what actually goes on in the South Korean fashion industry. Turns out, in the case of durability and effectiveness in dancing, sneakers are the way to go. That’s why, on this beautiful day, we would like to take a chance and tell you what we know about the basic styling of this trendy item.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to how you style sneakers: there are no rules. Yes, we don’t need a foot-long reference to tell you that they are versatile pieces you can rock anytime. A dress? Looks casual. Collared shirt? Adds up the trendiness. You can even diversify your pick because nowadays, sneakers do not require “branded” names. Rather, it focuses on style and durability according to your own preference.

Without waiting any longer, here are some of our casual loafs for your favourite loafers!

Lara Vest in Black
When you are running out for errands, this light vest saves you so much time and pressure in choosing an outfit. Like shoes, it pulls everything together, no matter if the scenario is family-friendly or work-related.


Adel Top & Lara Knit Pants

We couldn’t possibly continue without pointing out our casual resort wear pair that is Adel Top and Lara Knit Pants. You probably already get the hunch about what we’re trying to imply – knits and sneakers are made for each other. We totally see you wearing it on a daily basis!

Lora Slip Dress

Long, flowy dresses are currently on par with casual styling. Unlike long ago when wearing a dress is only identic with parties, we foresee that K-Pop has also brought upon a massive impact in normalising dresses to be a whenever-wear.

Sustainable fashion basics include understanding the value of a piece of attire. So, whether it be your favourite sneakers up to as little as an earring, make everything count!

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