Be Grateful On Thanksgiving Day–Dress Up With Gratitude!

November is here, and what’s the meaning of the sound of it? Yes, Thanksgiving Day–a day to express our gratitude for life and the people that stay in your surroundings in every joy and storm. People celebrate the holiday in their own favorable way–traditional or not. Well, as long as the roasted turkey is on the table, nothing else seems to be a problem.

Are you ready for home games, a huge Thanksgiving meal, long nights of talking, and other fun activities? Aside from family traditions, you can also hold your own Thanksgiving party! Cocktails, themed decorations, and entertaining games are waiting, and you deserve to have a total blast for a night. On this special day, dressing up well before you catch up with relatives, family, and friends is a must for an unremarkable night!

You can be the best dressed for the night, but remember, comfort is key. Thanksgiving not only comes with burnt wood in the fireplace, and beautiful orange leaves falling but also cold weather. Staying warm and cozy will prevent you from losing the fun you’d have all night! We’ve paired these amazing pieces to accentuate your grateful day. Check them out!

Lora Slip Dress underneath the Kai Sweater in Beige

A combination of a slip dress and a sweater is so lovely and homey. You’ll make all the guests feel at home the moment they enter your house! Be a lovely host with our slip dress–made of TENCEL™ for your comfort–and adapt well to the cooler days of fall with our stylish cross-detailed sweater.

Kai Set in Brown: perfect knit pieces all in one package

Imagine greeting everyone in this stunning set before a heartwarming turkey and pumpkin pie dinner! With the brown beige outer and the sleeveless knit dress on your body, own the night to yours only. Radiates the warmth to everyone, and have an enjoyable night!

A cute, casual look with the Adel Top in White and Lana Knit Pants in White

Lastly, you can go casual when you dream of a more humble and intimate party. These two pieces, paired together like one true pair, echo the same calm vibes of the gathering. Enjoy a casual night of eating and talking with this effortless, laid-back top and pants.

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