Preppy Look As The Old Money Look Signature–Inherit This Look As Well!

Nowadays, social media accounts help us find and raise various trends, and the way we dress is no exception. From time to time, people are using platforms to vocalize and show off what they think and like about fashion and peeps love it! The old money aesthetic is what we call a craze right now. More sophisticated stylings are climbing up the ‘what’s trending’ bar.

The ‘old money’ aesthetic is actually an identity that resembles a certain elegance that a particular class of people used to exude. Sophistication is the key element of this look. Royals like Princess Diana and young Princess Leonor are the exact inspiration for all ages–they are the perfect role model for this exceptional, classy look.

How do we differentiate the look from chic and elegant to a suave fashion look? By just simply recognizing how minimalist their pieces are. The old money aesthetic often had high-quality tailoring but no flashy logos of famous or high-end products. This defined their tendencies like how they never show off about their findings.

This look radiates a one-of-a-kind mindset: timeless and formal pieces mean their attitude is the best heritage. Their signature neat and preppy look tells us how they present themselves in public, or even with private relatives! Polo shirts, clean white jeans, and any other attires with neutral colors resemble their simplicity, also clarity. It’s clear enough that this look gives out high standards as its main element.

Are you keen to radiate this look as well? To help you recreate these elegant old money outfits this fall, we mix and match things just for you. Check them out!

Shirts And Sweater Over Shoulders

This fall, you can be the old money it-girl with a pair of neutral-colored shirts with a sweater wrapped over your back. Knitted sweaters can be the best idea to accentuate this look.

Blazers, The Very Versatile Piece

Possessing the old money look means you scream out the inner elegance of your look. Blazers are somewhat the most needed garment to actualize this mature, established look. They are best paired with denim, and pleated pants with dark and soft colors.

Natural Fabrics Are Key

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The old money loves simplicity and they appreciate natural elements more than anything. So, clothes made of natural fabrics are their identity as well. High-quality fabrics like cashmere, cotton, and wool are the best fabrics to rock this style.

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