Be The Dearest on National Girlfriend Day!

The National Girlfriend Day is on the first of August! Romance is not always up on the half of February, you can start the month being the hopeless romantic and celebrate the day with your significant other.

As you wait for the day to come, you might dream of wearing something that will make a pair of heart eyes pop out of your lover on that special day. Something that also makes your partner express their undying love for you. Here we will help you prepare the best outfit to wear on that very special occasion!

One of the million clothing inspirations out there is definitely boyfriend jeans. Designed to hug your curves, boyfriend jeans have a slim straight leg fit that will show off your shape. Indeed, it is the perfect choice for a casual romantic date. You can pair it with one of our dream tops, the Adel Top in White for a more modest look if you prefer to be comfortable on long day trips.

A date is better sweetened with a dress! A complete elegance that makes everyone swoon and turns to look at you. Our elegant Gala Dress will make your date sink into jealousy over the gazes that surround you both.


Don't miss the part when you walk out the door in the morning they pick you up, standing in front of the car, because, hey! It's your personal red carpet out there. Our Thea Top and Alba Top are perfect to pair with anything to help you accomplish your goal: make their jaws drop before they open the door for you.




Lastly, our Kai Set in White will be another absolute option! Why? Because look at it, and imagine how it perfectly hugs you in the picture taken at the end of the day! The way it builds personality on your body will leave a big impression on your partner, and mark the date as the most unforgettable day too.

Girlfriend or not, you deserve to be pampered with ethical fashion that compliments your body very well. When you wear anything good, every day is a day to celebrate! It is an honor for us to be able to provide your desirable product that fits your liking. Now, click some more to fill in the cart and enjoy the special day while flashing your inner fashion queen trait!

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