Ready Or Knit, Here We Go – Knitted Wonders At PRLA

Knitting is the process of weaving together fibres with the aid of needles to form elastic, permeable clothing. Knit fabric is created by looping yarns first, then connecting them to form a textile structure. Knitwear has the advantage of being stretchable according to your preferences thanks to the loops, which can alter its size and shape.

Linen, silk, cotton, and other materials are commonly used to make knitted fabrics. To achieve the balance of quality and durability, designers often add a variety of synthetic materials. Knitted materials are typically lightweight and comfortable to wear, though they might need a little more maintenance to maintain a tidy appearance. Another aspect that contributes to knits' popularity is their capacity to resist wrinkles.

At PRLA, not only do we stand up to make ethical-based productions, but we also take quality control seriously. We assure that with good care, comes an unexchangeable feeling. In that case, we make a lot of knits!


Here are a few of our favourite picks for this cross-seasonal, summer-autumn weather.


Kai Set



Our first and foremost pioneer product to contain knitted fabric! The Kai Set is a match of a midi dress and loose sweater that works in either the cold or hot weather. Made of 100% natural cotton yarn, it is available in the colour Brown or White to fulfil your dreams.   

Caro Knit Pants 

For all of our sweatpants lovers, we got you! The Caro Knit Pants are a comfortable bottom that you also can rock anywhere due to its colour and texture versatility. It features a stretchy waistband with drawstrings, and of course, a high quality knitted pattern. 


Adel Top and Lana Knit Pants 


Last but not least for today, we present to you an all-white beauty. Our Adel Top and Lana Knit Pants are made for each other, as they are made of a similar material and pattern. Surely, it doesn’t stop you from going out of your zone and mix-and-match it however you like.  

Which is your favourite knit? Let us know and don’t forget to scroll for more!

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