Casual, Affordable Looks To Rock During Summer Break

Great news, summer break is just around the corner!

Have you booked a ticket?

Ready to dive into the beach?

Got your summer body yet?

We are sure that most of you can’t wait to step back out to the world, especially after these few suffocating months back at your home. The word vacation still seems like a dream for us till now, too. There are dozens of undiscovered beauties around the world; Bali, Switzerland, you name it. The holiday plays a big deal in letting you roam free off of responsibilities.

The main focus would be your… outfit! As most of you believe, this is a digitalized world. You, your followers, even strangers are waiting to show the world the perfect Instagram and Facebook post of what goes on. Of course, your outfit would be the main focus. But surely, travelling budget alone is expensive enough – not to mention the cost of pretty, sustainable outfits these days.

So now, without any further ado, here are our favourite collections of affordable yet stunning summer fits!

Imani Crochet Top


Crochets are never out, and that is a fact. Particularly directed towards the art of weaving, our Imani Crochet Top has so much to tell – with its light colour yet detailed pattern. This top is the definition of an organic summer in a resort. Considering the rate of $59.99, you’ve gotten yourself a pretty sweet deal.

Dalila Top


Who says that the flower season is over? Spring might be a bit far behind, but the floral vibe stays all year long! The Dalila Top, identical with its ruffles and loose look, is a 100% natural bikini-like crop top that has long puffy sleeves as a point. With a $79.99 budget, you can swipe this piece right off the rack.

Maya Tied Midi Skirt

This is the skirt of dreams! With a cute tied detail on your waist, this flowy piece still gives you texture and definition. It has a midi length with sizes ranging from XS up to XL, which makes it the ultimate summer skirt. Now, $89.99 is such a worthy price for a rare sustainable find like this!

Lora Slip Dress

Lora Slip Dress is one of our pride. It is a full-length dress, colored white, perfect for summer evenings or even a wedding. Plus, its versatility comes from TENCEL™, a material that’s bound to go back to earth. For a biodegradable product as pretty as this is, $189.99 sounds like a dream.

In addition to the sweet prices, you can also get an extra $15 off your first purchase by subscribing to our newsletter. Happy shopping!