Things To Learn During The Summer (Ft. New Product Line-Up)

Summer winds are blowing ever so serenely. Not long after this, we’re going to welcome the most enjoyable holiday all year – the summer! It is not a secret that we, as a brand, put summer on top of our bucket list in the sense of fashion, and as individuals. So, consider us your activity tutor for a few minutes ahead.

When you hear the word “summer”, your mind automatically goes to the vacation, mostly the beach. White sand and shells prickling on your feet, the sound of waves crashing the shore… That’s definitely the correct answer, but you should remember that summer’s not limited to just beaches.

Before globalization hit, we used to find so much joy over trivial things, which actually made us compassionate towards nature. Explorers are hard to find, discoverers are no longer eager due to the limitations that the world had built in an instant. People used to be so open to learning new skills, and by reminiscing about this, we hope that you’ll find it in you, too.

  1. Knitting

The art of knitting and threading has been very popular these days. There are even guidebooks or boards for patterns you’re trying to achieve. The feeling you’ll get will almost be the same as coloring. It’s soothing, inexpensive, and who knows if eventually you’ll stitch your own resort wear?



Books are the food of the soul. Many authors have come forward in writing topics that have always been considered childish, even taboo – though the real world is gradually changing. Reading provides tons of benefits, like sleeping better and gaining perspective.


      3.Soft skills

This might seem basic as a lot of people have already used this idea as a marketing strategy. But, soft skills are so much more than that. It helps your journey in finding and being the better version of yourself. From leadership, mindfulness, up to teamwork; all good vibes.



Last but not least, art. Dancing, singing, painting; you name it. The three points said above could be considered as art, too, because expressing yourself is not limited to a few activities. Find or rediscover your old hobbies as the long-awaited holidays will give you the most valuable gift, time.

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