Chic, Casual Attire To Start Your Day Better

Waking up on a hectic morning never sounds more chaotic than it already is. When the clock keeps ticking, all you wish for would probably be a machine that automatically pairs your outfits–the ones that you’d be able to call a style. The last thing you wanted was a flannel shirt combined with a floral skirt on your body.

Walking out at the beginning of your day with a terrible choice of clothes would be a creeping nightmare, so preparing your best long before you’re chased by time is great. Gathering basic pieces in the stacks of your closet or some neutral-colored clothing for easier pairing would be the best option.

However, wearing plain and basic outfits can’t help you forever! Though they can be a great help, they’re not the heroes when you need to elevate more of your sense of style. No need to worry, though. We got your back! These casual attires help you execute that chic look just like those supermodels do. Alright, here it goes.

     1. A couple of Adel Top and Lana Knit Pants in White

We paired these casual iconic pairs so you don’t have to. Aside from being casual–and of course, chic–imagine how comfortable your day would be in these fits! Business hours, a casual picnic date at the park, or a relaxing work-from-home sound so much better with these knitted pairs.

2. Dani Set for a better Resortwear look

Living in this modern era where the fashion trend keeps circling and evolving, many prefer to look effortless–even on holidays. We’re here to help you boost up your simple, effortless with this stunning set. Our Dani set is paired with a cropped top–adorn with cute puffed sleeves and a beautiful midi linen skirt.

3. A smart casual look with our Ava Highwaisted Pants

When office hours are running, you need to be comfortable enough to stay focused on your work. At the same, maintaining a good sense of style could be a challenge by the time you wake up in the morning. Don’t worry, our Ava Pants never make you go out of style! These high-waisted pants are easy to pair with any basics in your closet, actualizing your chic and casual dream.

4. The Lara Vest for a detailed casual look

Dressing up could never be easier! Just put on this vest before going to work, or on any casual occasions. Any bottoms available in your wardrobe will suit just fine. Casual days are not complete without this chic, casual vest. This vest is available in White and Black.

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