The Keyword For An Elegant Backless Look: The Gala Dress

Summer is almost ending, but we all still have quite some time to vibe along with the trends. Ideas are coming at all times, and a timeless mode in fashion is certainly one of them. Fashion trends are not always new, the backless trend–an unfading trend that brings a lot of memories of the 20s to 30s–is again favored by fashion enthusiasts.

Diving back to the vintage era, the open-back style was a way of showing off a tan–a perfect idea for summer. For any special occasion, especially formal ones, backless dresses will fit you like a soulmate, making you look and feel your best as this look shows off the beauty of the side of your back. Many are fired up to follow this trend as celebrities are seen slaying off this look on red carpets.

There are many ways to pull off this look. Elegance and chic are what to aim for in the lookbook. Check out our graceful Gala Dress.

This long full skirt dress, with cutout details, is specially made for a dress-to-impress. This halter dress is also available for your wedding plan, mostly if you plan for a simple, intimate kind of wedding. Imagine yourself as the bride, wearing this gorgeous dress and making lasting memories for everyone present!

Well, killing off the backless look also has its own price. Beauty is pain, hence there will be a lot to prepare before you slip on an open-back dress. Here are a few friendly reminders to help you!

Make sure your open-back dress hugs your body perfectly
We don’t want accidents to happen on a very special day, don’t we? So be sure that your dress is a perfect size to avoid any embarrassing tragedy that lasts an impression at all costs.

Prepare your back to shine!
Make time for an exfoliating session, and don’t forget an acne scrubber! Such preparation will be needed before your back is ready to flaunt and be the center of attention from the moment you walk in.

Choose the right hairstyle
Make sure your hairstyle won’t steal the show. Your hair covering your back will just make your backless dress fade in vain. There won’t be any wonder in it. So do your hair in a way that effectuates the look even more!

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