Choosing Sustainable As A Lifestyle–A Few Tips For Your Journey!

Our environment matter. Living sustainable means keeping eco-friendly principles and we, PRLA as a brand, are never giving up on doing so. Sustainability has three main principles: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Why does it matter these days? It has so many long-term benefits for our future. Sustaining our planet is important because having healthier habitats and a safer environment is our goal to thrive in future generations.

This important movement was born because of one particular reason: in a world where a polluted environment is normalized, we can’t keep our eyes blind to the fact that our precious planet is dying. A sustainable lifestyle itself has its very own purpose, to reduce the use of natural resources and to be able to give back to nature. If you pick this ethical choice, we have some friendly tips on getting the sustainable concept into your lifestyle!

1. Less Disposable Items, More Reusable Goods

Plastics. They are one of the damages that we have unfortunately created. Aim for fabric other than wrapping paper or simply plastic. Use eco-friendly tote bags, they only cost you a few spend for a lifetime usage!

Fashion-wise, you can also avoid disposable materials that take hundred years to biodegrade. Choose clothes made from eco-conscious materials such as linen, organic cotton, or TENCEL™ textiles. We, as an ethical brand, only use these organic materials to bring more sustainable clothes into trends. Our TENCEL™ section is accessible on our website, check it out!

2. Zero Food Waste

Wasting food not only means you lost the money you paid for it but throwing away food that ends up in a landfill also means you waste all the resources and the energy that was put into making that food. In order to avoid this, start by keeping your refrigerator organized and decluttered. Find out what type of food you waste. The internet has enough information on how to reduce food waste in the best way possible.

3. Shun Fast Fashion

Thousands of cheap and poor-quality clothes are produced every day in order to fulfill the need of what’s trending as fast as possible. This creates mass-producing and also unethical work conditions that harm both humanity and nature. You can choose to no longer support fast fashion by picking more eco-friendly and sustainable clothes that take time and biodegradable materials in the process.

If you're wondering where to buy sustainable clothes, look no further. PRLA, as an ethical brand, is committed to being as sustainable as possible, by keeping our manufacturing ethical and choosing only sustainable materials as a part of our products. You can be a part of our sustainable journey by checking out your cart now, and get free shipping for a minimum purchase of $99!

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