An Exceptional Fashion Recipe On How To Style Your Knitwear

Knitwear takes all of our attention back then and now. Going to the end of 2022, comfort is still the feel of the fashion trend. With the temperature dropping as well, open clothes are no longer a sweet dream for your everyday wear. During the lounging pandemic days, knitwear becomes the most shopped piece–suitable best for laying around at home and a quick outing–because of its comfort and effortless styling.

Knit fabric is known for its versatile trait. From pants, tops, sweaters, and other ornaments, knits are mostly used for these types of clothes and they end up being a timeless trend! Knitwear also adapts to body movement. Imagine a cozy material hugging your body and keeping you company all day under a low-temperature kind of day, keeping you warm!

As the knitted look is still keeping up with the trend, you might want to accelerate your look even more with this contemporary fashion item. Sometimes, putting on knitwear along with another piece can be tricky, but for every problem, there is a solution. These cute three fabrics are the answers to mix-and-match your knitwear!


Layering your knit tops or dresses couldn’t be any cuter with just any leather piece. Be it a jacket, or pants, your look will be more than enough to impress everyone–and yourself! And on top of that, you will get that comfort all day, all night.


Denim pants and a knit top–what a true pair! Wear this look on a casual one when you’d just grab a cup of coffee in the morning before starting your day. How cozy!


A satin slip dress with a knit sweater as an outer? Sounds trendy. Be what everyone’s stared at on the road with this look. Guaranteed, you’d be in the spotlight right away.

Keeping you warm, our knit collection is here to achieve your dream look. Take a look at our cute Adel Top. You can wear this underneath a denim jacket and have a bright day with such a vibrant outfit!

Also, to recreate the look above, our Lora Slip Dress is a true companion underneath the warm and cozy Kai Sweater in Beige.

But to be fair, nothing beats this stunning set with everything in one package: the Kai Set in Brown. Come with a knit dress and outer, this cozy knit set keeps you all set for a chic fall look!

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