Country-Vibe Ethical Outfits For A Cool Day

Country-chic clothes can take many different forms, including country western to English countryside-inspired clothing, but it all aims to combine fashion and utility. Although you're more likely taking part in a ride to the grocery store or spending the day at a desk, the appearance makes you appear as though you're going to engage in activities involving horses or farming. Classroom says that this earthy, yet seductive look is also simple to execute.

Regardless of where you're from, we highly advise you to try out a few country girl clothes because it's cosy, carefree, and adorable. These Southern-inspired ensembles frequently feature plaid apparel – whether it be shirts, dresses, tops, or pants – a lot of denim, distressed shorts, overalls, and light and breezy pieces that are made for warm Southern weather. Other suitable patterns are stripes, checks, and little floral patterns.


Ethical pieces are timeless, so we’ve incorporated a few outfits to put more accent towards your favourite country boots. Check it out down below!

Maya Tied Midi Skirt 

Skirts are always a go-to for cowboy hats. You can pair this especially girly flow with bodycon tops or even loose t-shirts. Give us your best twirl and flaunt your inner sparkle!


Dita Crochet 

Crochets are undoubtedly the best thing that’s ever created through the art of weaving. You can put it on top of a white shirt or just that way – to incorporate said sexiness.


Gemma Jumpsuit 

Black is never wrong, and so are jumpsuits. Find out the best ever incantation of country through a chic city attire. The gleaming strap details will leave you breathless under the sun.


Lara Vest

Ever heard of a country vest? In this state of weather, it will be impossible to wear those. Lara Vest in Black provides a modern twist of your good ‘ol buttoned suit for a chilly concert look.


Ready for some yee-haw? Find more of these in our collection page.

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