Autumn, The Season Of Natural-Coloured Fashion

Even when the sun is blazing, it's never too early to start planning outfits for cooler days. Having cold-season clothing on hand is merely a way of life because the weather cannot be trusted, so says Fashion in Reach. Many of our favourite autumnal items can be worn year-round, making them a wise investment to make at any time.

This summer, we're dressing brighter to celebrate sunny days, but as the weather turns chilly, we usually switch back muted colour schemes and deep vibes. The most trustworthy clothes in autumn are frequently the most basic.


You can design an outfit by combining neighbouring hues or pairing one colour with multiple tints – as these elements help you appear fashionable and up-to-date. If you’ve figured it out, check out PRLA’s autumnal, earthy tones for you to play with!

  1. Kai Sweater

Nothing screams autumn more than knits. The Kai Sweater comes in a sweet Beige tone. Its versatility makes matching extremely easy. On top or below, pants or dresses.


     2. Rumi Set 

This is the simplest form of beauty. Our Rumi Set incorporates elegance through ruffles and a washed tone. Interchangeable, you should be good with it for more than a week worth of outfit.


    3. Adel Top 

Don’t worry about staying too long in your neutrals, because white is one of the strongest options too! Pair this fitted Adel Top with capri or pleated pants and you’re ready for the day.


Autumn's colour scheme is cold and warm, with its visual contrast being low to medium. Desaturated fall hues are always flattering, so we suggest you raid your closet for it. A gentle colour palette with a muted palette could enhance your beauty beyond the fallen leaves. But still, when creating a wardrobe based on neutral colours, don't forget to incorporate other fabric accents from your palette!

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