Determine Your Fashion Aesthetic And Improve Your Dressing Game Better!

Your dressing style defines who you are. The more you put the right looks on your figure, the better impression you left on your surroundings! Depending on where you are, who you are with, and the kind of person you are, our fashion aesthetic will scream about its identity!

What is exactly a fashion aesthetic? It’s about your taste principle and how your personal style determines the attire on your body. Aesthetics mean beauty and art, so your way of dressing can be a state of art too! Somehow, we don’t realize that we’re working on our own fashion aesthetic in our daily life. Here, you can find out what your dressing game told you about your aesthetic!

The first one is the dark influence of an E-girl or Grunge type. This aesthetic calls out for those black lovers–the ones who have nothing but monochrome garments in their closets! The grunge type allows you to express your dark B&W colors. It screams bold on another level, and simplicity at the same time!

Number two would be Arty style. Contrary to dark grunge, this streetwear-like fashion aesthetic screams bold in any way possible. A combination of colors and strong expression of art-minded beings are key to this captivating look! If you are a special persona with a lot of colors to divulge, this aesthetic is the best style to try.

The next one is Academia. This fashion aesthetic is perfect for fall! Brown and beige as its base palette along with cozy, laid-back pieces make this look suitable for dropping temperatures and sweater weather. Perfect for spending time at school and college, this timeless look is everything you need when you own that calm and collected personality. Knitted sweaters and cardigans, or preppy pleated bottoms are the exact examples of this aesthetic.

Before the last one, let’s focus on this adorable aesthetic–the pinky one! This look reminds you about the significant rule on Wednesday–for The Plastic in Mean Girls–they wear pink. The Soft Girl fashion aesthetic not only comes with pink, but it also owns those pieces with more pastel-preferred colors. A cute crochet top with light blue jeans or white shirts paired with a pink pleated skirt can be worth trying in the journey of being a softie!

Last but not least is the Cottagecore aesthetic. This look screams romance! Long flowy skirts, adorable off-shoulder resortwear, and puffed sleeves are the main elements of this countryside-inspired look.

Which fashion aesthetic are you? We, PRLA, are trying our best to help you find out what’s excellent for your way of dressing. If you’ve found yours, get our products with FREE SHIPPING for orders above $99 with $15 OFF! Show now at!