Discover Your Fashion Personality Through This Article

It is the time when fashion is no longer reserved to a person. Through social media, many believe standards have been built according to the majority of picks among the wide spread choices given. Of course, the innately unique concept of individual fashion personality still exists. We follow these, along with adding our preferences, which makes it easier to identify ourselves and pursue something to.

Now, why should you find out your true style? Well, it is actually a given. You'll make fewer buying mistakes if you know your unique style characteristics. As a sustainable enthusiast, this is the ultimate goal of shopping. Moreover, you'll have a more consistent look, and eventually you'll be able to create your own trademark style.

Without any further ado, check out these four major personalities – romantic, expressive, classic, relaxed – and see what kind of style according to X Nihilo you lean onto!


You're feminine and ladylike, so you choose softness and drape, colour, and curls to maintain your feminine attractiveness. Dresses and skirts are more appealing to you than fitted clothing. You'll immediately choose wonderful tactile fabrics, mild or pretty hues, and curving shapes in long skirts with delicate fabrics and pretty detail.


Fashion is sometimes seen as an art form by those with an expressive fashion personality, who chose bright objects of apparel. Every day is an opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. They are drawn to bright colours, quirky patterns, or daring cuts because they are not afraid to try new things or stand out in a crowd.


Blazers, pristine white blouses, pencil skirts, dark denim, pearls, ballet flats, and menswear-inspired outerwear are all standard basics in the classic. They are always well-prepared for any situation. They are not hesitant to spend money on long-lasting clothing or accessories, nor to spend money on tweaks to ensure that their clothing fits properly.


The relaxed personality prioritises comfort. They are friendly, down-to-earth, up-and-going, and natural in their demeanour and outlook on life. However, they understand that being comfy does not imply appearing slobby! They know how to look casually cool in cotton shirts, neutral colours, loose trousers, and other items.


So, do you identify with either one of these? Find out while scrolling through our catalogue and get 10% off your first purchase in exchange for an email subscription!

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