Chilling By The Pool Has Never Looked Cuter

Hi, sustainable enthusiasts!


It is finally the perfect temperature to dive into outdoor activities. We are blessed to be able to feel warm with not too much wind this summer. It’s probably because the universe has had enough of the pandemic, too, but a lot of new attractions are opening up during this summer break. Though undoubtedly, our favourite is still the good ‘ol pool party.

When we think of pools, bikinis are definitely the staple, while cover-ups are just as important. But, with the current fashion breeze, we are expected to be ready in the case of changing styles for multiple occasions instantly. For example, a pool party continued with brunch in a café nearby. Rather than packing too much, why don’t we just pick the ultimate cover-up?

So, here we are, with three of our most summer-y outfits to save you a trip to the clothing store. Check it out and find your dream pool jam!


1.Feels like resort with the Thea Top and Thea Skirt


2. The delicate, ruched Cara Top


3.Embrace the breeze with our Kai Set in White


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