Do-It-Yourself Knitting: A Rewarding Activity To Inspire Yourself

DIY has been a favorable trend for all ages. In 1950, this productive activity was known as a trend to undertake home improvement and cost-saving lifestyles. DIY is a “self-made culture”. It includes designing, creating, customizing, and repairing things without professional help. How inspiring, right?

This Do-It-Yourself culture became a concept in our society, which people use to share ideas, designs, and methods–basically inspiring one another! Fashion-wise, DIY fashion ideas are pretty much a trend, especially online. People are sharing their hacks, tips and tricks, and tutorials on how to make their own designs. Hence, this at-home kind of activity actually has a terrific impact on sustainable and slow fashion.

The more we shop, the more we throw away. While some crave binge-shopping on long-deserved weekends, their old clothes will end up in landfill and it’d take them hundreds of years to biodegrade with fast fashion quality. But, this do-it-yourself trend is, in fact, teaching people to turn an old piece into trendy clothes. Like how you can make your mom’s overworn jeans adapt to today’s denim trends with just a few snip snaps!

Recreating your own look with old sources from your last season's closet means you support recycling culture. It also means kicking fast fashion off society. It’s the same as collecting eco-friendly goods, but what’s different is you spend less money, and you acquire more crafting skills.

Some DIY crafting activities are dress knitting, crochet, customized patchwork, and DIY tie-dyes. Crochet and patchworks are highly demanded trends this summer. This fall is your chance to try the wool and yarn project: knitting. Knit dresses, for example, are something you can put into your fun project list!

Why knits? There are plenty of benefits you can get out of knitting. First, it becomes the new meditation, even good as a method for mental health recovery. Other than that, knitting also has many health benefits, like distracting us from binge-watching, addiction to junk food, and helping us to sleep well. On top of that, knit arts are cool! Once you attain this particular skill, you can make money by hosting your own knitting workshop. Saving and gaining money at the same time, who would say no?