These Comfortable, Exquisite Knit Sets Are Made For Lounging At Home

Winding up your day at weekends has two options: vacation or relaxing at home. When the whole week turns out rough for you, all you want is just a well-deserved rest. An undisturbed hibernation–without emerging phone calls related to work–is probably a good gift from heaven.

A cup of hot chocolate and blankets by the fire? Movies at night? What a vibe. A quiet weekend is not complete without cozy and blanket-like fluffy clothes. And that’s about getting comfortable at your own home! When life is exhausting, all you need is comfy knitted garments to hug your body just right. Even though your mini staycation at home includes only little activities and lazing around, you ought to rock your cute and comfy clothes.

Good looks at home inspire you better, and you deserve to look good at all times! In this dropping temperature season, knits are the trendiest must-have garment. They come in sweatpants, tracksuits, and dresses. We have paired knitted sets for you to try on, check them out!

1. Gaia Shirt in White with Caro Knit Pants in Brown

Shirts are basic pieces we all have somewhere in our closets. But unwinding time at home in collar shirts? Seems like a second option. But our beautiful short-sleeved cropped shirt, along with cozy sweatpants make it possible to relax and stay productive at the same time, and also to achieve our main goal, to look good on all occasions!

2. Kai Sweater in Beige with Lana Knit Pants

Switch off, and sleep away all the problems in our cozy sweater. The cross detailing and the off-sweater look will do the work. Movie nights with pillows, blankets, and a bowl of buttered popcorn are also perfect with this pair of beige pieces. Cozy date nights will be totally effortless!

3. Kai Set in White and Brown

During the pandemic days, a productive and adorable trend of Do-It-Yourself knit dress was surfacing all over the internet. But here at PRLA, we got your dream of a cute knit dress come true without having to spend more time learning! This exceptional set is all you need for lounging and getting re-energized at home.

Your unwinding time should look effortlessly good, which is one reason why you should shop now at and get a $15 discount off and free shipping for orders above $99!

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