The Dos And Don’ts For Cozy Styling During Fall–Ethical Pieces Edition

Fall is a good season to bust out a fresh look that reflects the season. There are several fashion rules, and most of them are voiced out to inspire and encourage you to explore more, diving into new vibes and trends. Gaining tips like this help you find out how to organize your style better and find your own sense of fashion. One important thing to remember: stay cozy when the temperatures cool down. These DOs and DON’Ts are here to help you uncover the perfect look for you!

1. Include Essential Fall Pieces In Your Look

Staying warm and making sure you won’t catch a cold is necessary. So, items such as turtlenecks, sweaters, and outerwear are essential. And, don’t forget about knitted goods–they’re the trendiest, coziest things you should keep in your wardrobe during fall. Our Kai Set in White and Brown comes with a cute knitted slip dress and a cozy outer. Perfect to keep you warm and keep your stylish agenda in check.

2. Layer Some Pieces To Your Outfit

Then again, getting comfortable as the cold season begins is a must. Being stylish can also be done by layering pieces that set off to be a trendy look. For example, our Kai Sweater in Beige will warm you down on any occasion. The off-shoulder look and the cross detailing make you stay on the right path of trends. Our friendly suggestion will be pairing this cute sweater as outerwear with a long t-shirt underneath.

1. Don’t Go Over The Top With Trends

Focus on the detail. Highlight your look with a key piece that goes well with the trend. To describe this well, imagine putting a sleeveless hooded vest on top of a turtleneck. Both are the it-trend, but that doesn’t mean they’re good to put on together, right? So make sure your layering includes the right pieces and not multiple trendy items that look overboard.

2. Don’t Wear Unflattering Clothes

We want to put on pieces that perfect your shapes even more. Avoid clothes that don’t work well with your figure. Decide your personal color and choose what’s best for you–make your own trend!  Adel Top in White is the absolute neutral outfit you can try that goes well with your skin type or hair color, especially in fall.

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