PRLA Being A Sustainable Brand: Keeping Eco-Conscious As A Principle

Maintaining a sustainable fashion brand is never easy. In fact, being idealistic was never an easy option. But behind every journey, there’s always a valuable lesson to learn. And we are proud to tell you that our journey also includes a precious lesson about maintaining peace with nature.

It is such a pat on the back to see people becoming more aware of the impact of the world of fast fashion. More demands for eco-friendly clothing that avoids mass-producing make us more thrilled to voice out the need for natural clothing resources. Keeping the same principle in our brand, we are doing another level of approach: the ‘PRLA Gives Back’ campaign.

As a brand, we promote sustainability while at the same time maintaining the same fashion fever that never gets out of the trend circle. It’s not always a tough job! Hence in this collaboration with LindungiHutan, which means protecting the forest, we’re giving our best to work together to give back to nature.

In this collaboration with LindungiHutan, we make a great deal not only for our brand itself but also for you, our dear sustainable buyer! We give you the chance to participate as well, without having to do much. By purchasing an item, you’re donating two mangrove trees to plant in a conservative location in Benoa Bay, Bali.

Why mangrove trees? The decision came after seeing plenty of benefits of this from-earth-to-earth activity. Restoring mangroves means regaining an extremely productive ecosystem that acts as nursery grounds and an ideal habitat for a variety of plant and animal species. It also offers sustainable income for local communities and small-scale food producers.

Our proudly introduced products also came from eco-friendly, sustainable materials like linen, cotton yarns, and the TENCEL™ textiles. It’s a win-win situation for you–getting eco-conscious products and donating back to nature as well! Support our movement and start putting our fashionable items in your cart now.

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