Dress For An 8-Hour WFH Job

 As the fad of working from home fades, it can be difficult to feel energised and productive when you begin your workday from your living room. The U.S. News says that it is indeed tempting to stay in your pjs, especially if you're feeling unmotivated. Another issue is separating work and home life when it all takes place in the same place.

However, being conscious of what you wear to work can help set the tone for the day and contribute to your overall wellness and productivity, so it's worthwhile to step up your game. This may appear to be a minor detail, but it can assist you in shifting into a work mindset and becoming more productive.

So, the gallery we’re going to show you will consist of a variety of semi-formal, sustainable outfits which are the perfect pick for your home job (which are definitely not just leggings). Before we dive into it, we’d like to remind you that a newsletter subscription will automatically grant you $10 off your first purchase.


Without waiting any longer, here are PRLA’ s personal favourite girl-boss attires!


Gemma Jumpsuit 




Ava High Waisted Pants


Adel Top in White 


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