What Your Fashion Sense Really Says About Yourself

How did you put on your scarf this morning? Do you just wear anything you first spot in your closet, or do you plan your whole week? Did you wear any bold colours? Why are you adding so much (or, too little) jewellery? Does your fit tell any story about yourself.

Questions after questions pop up from time to time, whether it comes from your closest friends, strangers – or most important of all, yourself. There are no set answers, according to a lot of people. It’s like condemning to the universe what their favorite country is, or asking a mother who their favorite child is. But, there are a few studies which have proved otherwise.

It is no secret that we often associate colours with mood. This actually applies in the same way as fashion does. The way a person dresses plays an important role in enhancing his or her personality. "A man is known by his dress and address," as the saying goes. The way a person dresses reveals a lot about his personality and character.

The Luxury Travel Magazine combined several of their own views of how a clothing style affects somebody’s entire perception. Check the list, along with ours, below!


Casual dressers

People who dress in t-shirts are easy to approach and very hands-on in their daily lives. They are not concerned with their appearance or what others think of them; instead, they are concerned with living life. Casual wearers are the least critical of how others dress.


Tight clothing

You are more conservative and overthink if you prefer to wear tight-fitting outfits. You try to conform to societal norms without considering your own point of view. You can be afraid to try new things and make changes; but most of the time, it’s just a prejudice.


Formal attires

People who wear formal clothing are frequently complex, sophisticated, and formal. Also, as in fashion psychology, people who wear things like suits on a regular basis are found to be more confident in life; they are not afraid to show off their fashion sense.



Boldness is always fashionable! If you like to wear abstract printed outfits, you are definitely bold and do not fear expressing your opinion and speaking your mind in public. It could be any type of clothing, such as t-shirts, shirts, hoodies, and so on. You have a creative spirit and are an explorer.


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