Dresses: The Outfit For Every Occasion!

“I have NOTHING to wear!”

No, we won’t say no. Sometimes, the bazillion pieces of dress you bought for a business meeting just could not match tea parties. Even though the arms of a lady stands strong amidst the Black Friday Sale, it just feels empty. The art of spending to match a certain trend leaves nothing but more work at the end of the day.

The pairing process takes up most of the time. Well, then, why don’t we all just opt out for the easiest alternative? That’s right, dresses!

Take a look at our Ines Midi Dress. With the daring cut out on the front, serenading the skirt’s slit and a touch of dropping detail, you’re all ready to walk in a great pair of heels. Not only that, it is made out of solely ethical sources that makes wearing it even worth it.

Beautifully falling over your shoulders, waving without restraint, this length of natural linen fabric makes you feel like running around a meadow. The growing empire of sustainability has provided nothing but the best quality; not to mention the design.

A red carpet of your own is ready to show off you and your Gala Dress! I mean… wow. It is THAT beautiful that we got lost in the middle of typing. The cut out details on the sleeves and the backless detail leaves an idle sense of freedom. You could wear it for a spring vacation or a trip by the beach! As far as it’s looking, this attire could be perfect for a wedding, too.

An almost transparent dress should be a perfect match for bikinis. Our Lora Slip Dress screams casual, but still is elegant. The ruffled details out front and thin straps to hold it all together – a perfect evening glory. With a more approachable style, this dress makes beauty seem like an understatement.

Mindful shopping requires not only sustainably handled pieces, but also choosing the right course of article that could last you for life. But worry not, PRLA is here to make a change. Ever saw a resort wear get all perked up for a night out? Now, you definitely have something to wear.

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