Altering Ethical Summer Wear Towards Winter Clothing

Have you ever looked into your closet, wondering why all those shopping trips only included cute summer tops, leaving no more space for your winter-styled attire? The thought about seasons changing so quickly leaves no space to think – nor the wallet capacity.

Updating your wardrobe may seem like the best way to attain timeless fun, but that concept surely couldn’t agree less with our environment. The inequality that we can sense through the amount of ‘out’ that’s surely higher than ‘in’ pushes our urge to buy pieces that are able to match fashion seasons.

In the crowded awakening that is sustainable fashion, PRLA provides a few cross-seasonal, sustainable outfits that would surely go fool-proof.

  1. Long sleeves always does the work

Every single time someone mentions warmth, they immediately go for fuzzy sweaters – anything strongly-knitted without ever thinking about the design. Well, let us break it down to you. Winter is almost over, but the shiver’s still there. The answer is…


Long-sleeved crop tops! Our Kaio Top is ethically made with 100% cotton, thus perfectly matching this windy season. The perfect coverage; yet leaving an open shoulder for a touch of chic never gets old!

       2.Layering to stay warm fashionably

As fun as completely changing your wardrobe may sound like, there’s just a feeling to defy the norm. Remember that sweet little top you bought for summer? Yearn for how resort wear is considered timeless regarding its beauty? We’ve got a tip for you – wear it backwards!


Take a look at this cute top. By wearing a warm layer inside (like overalls or sensible button-ups)  while strutting this pair on top, all it takes is a statement shoe and you’d be good to go. Handmade by the local artisans to ensure the quality of the piece, our Imani Crochet Top surely couldn’t go wrong.

At the end of the day, it’s all about matching and pairing the right materials. Here at PRLA, you will definitely find unexpected zero waste fashion designs that’ll match even the coldest seasons just by pulling some strings, literally.