Earth Month: An Eco-Friendly Fashion Guide

When we think of fast fashion in the presence of nature, we frequently whip up a whole slew of negative associations. Earth Day says that behind every piece of clothing in the store, there is a destructive industry stripping the Earth of its limited resources and placing a devastating toll on the labour force working in garment factories. Tremendous amounts of waste characterise this industry, as we send approximately 40 million tons of textiles to landfills or to be incinerated every year.

In total, the fashion industry is responsible for over 8% of total greenhouse gas emissions. This is an astounding number, considering that modernization took over and people’s expectations count in way less than 3000 litres of water per cotton shirt. Retail is helpful for our everyday lives, but the effect that mass-production carries could scar our planet for a lifetime.

However, consumers are becoming more aware of the concerns surrounding fashion and apparel sustainability, and there is a growing sentiment among them that it is unacceptable. Sustainable fashion aims to reorient the industry and consumers away from the fast fashion model and toward sustainable practices in sourcing, production, distribution, marketing, and consumption.

In honour to the Earth and a conscious year ahead, we have put together a few steps you could follow in supporting a sustainable movement and produce less harm to the environment.

Aim for eco-friendly brands

The first step is picking the right sources. There are many brands, including ourselves, that specialise purely in sustainable clothing. Your support means a lot in improving the distribution and awareness of ethical options, fashion or not.

Pick your materials wisely

By opting for a healthier option like natural linen or TENCELTM, you'll cut down on the amount of microplastics that flows into your water supplies, which come from synthetic fibres that shed during washing. Make sure to do your research thoroughly to still be comfortable in different textures!

Recycle and upcycle

Pre-owned clothing is the best style swapping medium. You could try out different styles for a lot less money through thrifting. A plus: appreciating local businesses is always a priority. Going organic means that instead of throwing out, you could donate or make new use out of old fabrics.


When it comes to making a difference, all parties need to play an active role. As a brand, we are trying our best to comply with the standards in keeping the Earth clean and making it a better place to live through zero-waste fashion. We hope that you’ll discover your desired sustainable lifestyle as soon as possible. Cheers to the Earth and many more happy, clean years!


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