Rock Your Birthday With These Fashion Recommendations

We know that the pandemic limited your vision for a grand birthday party. But, that doesn't mean you couldn’t get dressed up for the big day in vaccine-safe locations or by throwing a virtual party. Get your drinks and plan thoroughly for a proper celebration. Remember, your pajamas won’t work this time, because your time to shine should have been accomplished with some glam inside out.

It's finally your birthday, so gather your closest friends and prepare to party in style. You'll only turn your age once, so check out our pick of the best head-to-toe birthday fits to make a statement in. To stand out from the crowd, go all out with next level birthday gowns – or go for casual birthday outfits that you can re-wear. The festivities are about to begin, so are the tips and outfits lining up; prepare to be amazed!


Tip #1: Timeless

LadyRefines mentioned that fashion comes and goes, which is why you may prefer to dress in a classic piece for special occasions. So, opt for a plain elegant midi dress with neutral colors for an elegant birthday girl look.


For example, the Ines Midi Dress! This is a knee-length dress with cut-out details. It portrays elegance with a bonus of linen breeziness.


Tip #2: Blazer and Vest

Usually, blazers and vests give off a confident woman look. It provides an extra effort without actually doing much due to its position as a neutralizer. To look chic in it, definitely go for white instead of black to give the look a stylish splash.


Exhibit A: The timeless Lara Vest in White! It is a minimalistic white vest with golden buttons that are added up to look more put together and elegant.


Tip #3: Casual

After all the parties you’ve gone through, there might be a time where you only want a simple, homey celebration in the most comfortable outfit. In this case, always choose a less typical blouse to combine with your trousers and slacks to look basic yet stylish.


Our personal favorite is the Kaio Top. With it looking so stylish, you wouldn’t imagine how much comfort the cotton embeds. No need to accessorize because it completes itself.


Wishing a very happy birthday to every single one of you! Save these recommendations for upcoming events; it might come in handy.

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