Elegance In A Piece Of Fabric: TENCEL™

This is a time where authenticity and uniqueness takes place to impress. Tons of fashion designers have made this clear by holding numerous fashion shows with completely different outfits and utmost care to ensure that customers  are satisfied with their one-in-a-million dresses. It almost feels like they are the polar opposite of mass producing, a problem so deep in the roots of fashion.

From environmental issues such as huge waste and unsafe dyes, to sociocultural issues where workers are underpaid and given less care than they deserve. Mass producing, as we all could understand, produces a whole lot of damage to the environment. This is in fact a real statement, as fashion is one of the biggest contributors of waste in the entire world. We all know that change is strictly needed.


Featured: Lora Slip Dress


A piece of clothing becomes elegant when it’s exclusive. The era of the 1900s proves this, as every piece was woven and taken care of individually, not technologically. From the strings up to the ornaments, we have the power to bring it back. Choosing what’s best for the environment through a brand new scheme of fibre that’s definitely not so easily manufactured? That’s the thing!

Using a special closed loop technology that recovers and reuses the solvents used, TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres are extracted from sustainably cultivated wood, minimising the production's impact on the environment. Their exceptional physical qualities contribute to their high durability feature, effective moisture management, and skin-friendliness. This makes it super comfortable for any occasion.

On the other hand, with its high flexibility, TENCEL™ Modal fibres provide textiles with a durable property of exquisite softness. TENCEL™ Modal fibres enhance the softness of clothes even after numerous washings because of the slim cross-section of the fibre. Even according to tests, TENCEL™ Modal fibres are twice as soft as cotton.


Featured: Thea Top & Thea Skirt 

Giving back to nature has become so easy! You shouldn’t need to worry about the manufacturing process’ safety, as a lot of ethical brands like ours have applied the real means of fair wages and awoken process. Scroll through our dashboard for a lot more sustainable pieces to pick from and discover the wonders of how TENCEL™ can look so pretty on you! 

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