Hold Your Very Own Met Gala Through These Timeless Pieces

We all have some outfits that we particularly enjoy wearing, and updating them by adding a little something extra can be exactly what we need. Although leaving the house has become a pipe dream for us, that doesn't mean we can't get ready for the days ahead. It's fun to prepare your wardrobe by creating looks that are inspired by the runway.

But still, choosing what to wear every day can frequently have its own set of obstacles, regardless of whether you are a fashion enthusiast or a seasoned veteran. We've never been more eager to get dolled up and put on our best gram for an actual fashion show thanks to fashion month and the flawless front row, street style, and model off-duty moments we've seen from our favourite A-listers.


That’s why, glam it up yourself! It won't cost you a lot of money. Additionally, the activity is incredibly productive and beneficial for maintaining mental wellness. Here are some of our outfit recommendations that are Met Gala worthy and could make your dress-up days worthwhile!


Gala Dress

This dress lives up to its name. The most glamorous piece ever made through a single piece of fabric, our Gala Dress is the number one choice for any huge events in our book. Let it be runways, parties, or even weddings – you can never go wrong with this minimally-accessorised piece. 


Stella Set

Ah, so solemn. This might be built way differently than the Gala Dress mentioned above, but you can create a whole storyline out of it. Our Stella Set is a crinkled, soft wonder consisting of a delicately strapped, white top and a line midi skirt. Pair it with your favourite white heels and it’s a vibe. 


Bastina Crop Top

This is not your basic shirt. The Bastina Crop Top, with its beautiful shade of black, shows you how a single detail could change your whole look. Well, it has two; the huge, puffy sleeves and a mini strap illusioning a cut out below the neckline. Wear sensible pants or a jewelled skirt, your choice. 


We hope you enjoyed our recommendations. Remember, get all of those and everything else in our catalogue, FREE SHIPPING, to the USA and Australia in the span of July 1st to July 8th!

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